Unbound by any specific domain, programming language, or concept, Podlite stands out as a universal markup language. It's versatile enough to be successfully implemented across various development fields, from web development to scientific research.

Web version of Podlite editor - pod6.in

The desktop version of Podlite editor

The desktop version of Podlite editor is freely available in stores:

Source code repository: Source code.


  • 🛠️ Complete the reference implementation in typescript: podlite

  • 📚 Develop comprehensive documentation and tutorials

  • 🖥️ Update the desktop application to fully implement the specification: podlite-desktop

  • 🔌 Enhance the Visual Studio Code plugin: podlite-vscode

  • 🌐 Improve the web playground: https://pod6.in

  • ⌨️ Develop command line interface (cli) tools

  • 📃 Standardize the web publishing tool to follow the specification: podlite-web

  • 🔄 Regular review and updates of the specification: podlite-specs